Anxiety is a feeling that we all experience as humans, normally triggered by the stressors of life. However, when someone experiences heightened anxiety for a long period of time it is important to seek help.

    What are the signs of anxiety?

    • Feeling nervous, restless or tense.
    • Trouble concentrating.
    • Feeling a sense of impending panic.
    • Feeling weak or tired.
    • An increased heart rate.

    What are the common types of anxiety?

    Generalised Anxiety Disorder also known as GAD is the most common anxiety disorder. If you are experiencing GAD you tend to feel anxious most of the time and experience physiological symptoms such as sweating and muscle tension.

    What is a panic attack?

    A panic attack is a sensation you experience of intense discomfort or fear. It usually only lasts a couple of minutes. There are a number of physiological symptoms linked with experiencing a panic attack; trembling or shaking, heart palpitations and a sense of losing control. These symptoms are common with anxiety yet when experiencing a panic attack these sensations are drastically heightened. They can happen at any time and are not necessarily triggered by the same thing each time.



    If you feel as though your anxiety is consuming your life through any of the symptoms above, for example panic attacks, I can offer the necessary help in managing your anxiety. The control that anxiety can have over you can feel debilitating at times, perhaps it is holding you back from new opportunities.

    Anxiety can also take a negative control over your relationships, both at home and within the workplace. When you experience panic attacks it can really impact your daily lives.

    Anxiety is something that has been around for so long and is extremely well researched. I can offer you the support you need to reduce the control anxiety has over your life. I say reduce because anxiety is a healthy emotion so we are not looking to ‘get rid’ of anxiety but to help the body and mind to rebalance so that it is only felt in the appropriate setting.

    Working together we will establish the cause and triggers of your anxiety disorder. From this we can take the necessary steps to move past it. Through exposure exercises you will be able to take control of your life free from anxiety with my support.