Welcome to Bay View Practice. We are fully qualified and highly experienced Relationship Counsellors offering counselling and therapy in Deal.

    We offer a warm, confidential and non-judgemental space in which you will be able to explore your problems and find a way forward so that you can get the most out of your relationship.

    As well as face to face sessions, we also offer highly effective online couple counselling via Zoom and Skype.

    The decision to talk to somebody else about your relationship issues, can be an intimidating step. This is especially so if one party is not open to the idea of attending counselling in the first place.

    Please rest assured that relationship counselling is not a judgement on who is in the right or the wrong. Counselling is an open exchange of views to help find a solution and achieve a positive outcome for both sides.

    relationship counselling dealKey signs that Relationship Counselling can help your relationship:

    •  A lack or breakdown in communication
    •  Trust has been broken in the relationship
    •  A difference in libido
    •  When one of you has had an affair
    •  Different love languages ( how we show each other love)
    •  Issues blending families together
    •  Different parenting styles
    •  Difference in opinion

    marriage counselling dealWhat is Relationship Counselling?

    Relationship Counselling is not a question of who is right and wrong. Counselling is a method of helping you to determine the issues your relationship is facing and to find a solution.

    For some couples, counselling can be the very beginning of an extensive journey of realisation. For others, a brief period of sessions can be the answer to getting your relationship back on track.

    If you decide that relationship counselling or marriage guidance is the right choice for you, then please get in touch today.  You can book an initial appointment in strict confidence, and your counsellor will be able to discuss your requirement in more detail.

    As a rough guide, six to twelve sessions are pretty standard but this can vary depending upon your situation.

    The fact that you are looking for relationship guidance is a positive step in itself.

    How can Relationship Counselling help couples in Deal?

    All couples go through difficulties. Whether it is within their relationship or outside factors that have an impact.

    Counselling facilitates new ways of looking and dealing with the problems impacting you and your partner. Communication is a frequent problem for a lot of couples. Miscommunication, lack of respect in how you talk to one another, your arguing styles all affect your relationship in so many ways. Lack of intimacy is often born out of a lack of communication. Resentment can build when things are unsaid or said in a way that leaves a scar.

    We have worked with hundreds of couples and individuals. This experience means that we have worked with a wide range of issues that couple face throughout a partnership. We would work together to develop healthier ways of resolving conflicts and look at ways of meeting each other’s needs.

    Relationship counselling helps to remove you from your situation and to see things from a completely different perspective. Being able to explore issues in a safe and confidential setting will help to improve your situation.

    What can I expect in a Couple Therapy session?

    It is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist which is why your first session will be an assessment session. This will give you an opportunity to see how we work and to ask any questions you may have. A lot can be looked at and worked on in an assessment session.

    We will initially ask you questions in order to get to know you. We need to understand what your primary relationship concerns are. We can then come up with a strategy to reach achievable goals for your sessions and your relationship going forward.

    You will both be given an opportunity to be heard and we will offer you a non-biased, non-judgemental environment in which to explore your thoughts and views on the relationship.

    Bayview practice are here to help

    If you are struggling with your relationship, Bayview Practice can help you to discover what lies behind your relationship issues. We will work together with you to bring about the changes needed. You may wish to talk about your relationship on an individual basis or come as a couple. From your first session, we will provide expert insights and offer you an opportunity to communicate with each other in a safe and constructive way.

    If you require a Deal based counsellor to help with your relationship or marriage, please get in touch today. We offer a professional and confidential service at all times.

    Relationship Counselling Deal

    What are the main causes of Relationship and Marriage problems?

    We find that poor communication is the number one factor causing issues in marriages and relationships. The feeling of being unheard, unequal, or just not taken seriously in a relationship is often a typical problem. Sometimes, the same topic is a cause of conflict and blame. This inevitably leads to a vicious cycle which couples find difficult to break free of.

    Our relationship specialists help our Deal based clients to resolve their issues in a calm and harmonious way. Other common problems include infidelity and affairs, suspicion and jealousy, ‘Stuck’ relationships, intimacy problems, separation and divorce.

    What’s the point of Relationship Counselling?

    The whole purpose of Couples Therapy is to help you to stay together and work through your problems. Unfortunately, sometimes couples have already decided to separate, and in this case, Bay View Practice can help you to part in a much more civilised way.

    How many counselling sessions do I need?

    As all client situations are different, the approach we take will be dependant upon your unique situation and tailored for your specific needs. Your therapist will be able to give you a better idea during your initial appointment.

    Is counselling admitting failure?

    Definitely not. Counselling is not an admission of failure, if anything, it is quite the reverse. Taking decisive action to save your relationship can only ever be a positive undertaking.

    Couples counselling & therapy can help our Deal clients with these common problems


    • Communication
    • Affairs and infidelity
    • Jealousy or suspicion
    • Breakup or divorce


    • Intimacy
    • Arguing and conflict
    • Blended family issues
    • Death of a partner


    • Loneliness in a relationship
    • Pornography
    • Loss of trust
    • Lack of intimacy


    • Different parenting styles
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Premarital Counselling