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How to deal with anxiety

Anxiety can be so crippling for the person who suffers from with it.

It is such an invisible issue for the most part and people suffer greatly in silence. Anxiety is not negative in itself as it is the natural way for you to respond to stress and to alert you to any possible danger.
I have found in my practice that anxiety has increased substantially over the last few years.

A hectic world

We live in a fast paced world where our minds are bombarded with a constant stream of information and questions for our brain to take in and compute. A lot of my clients are ‘switched’ on every waking hour. Rest is generally seen as playing a computer game, watching TV or being on their phone. This may seem relaxing but your brain is not being allowed to switch off and relax and recharge in the way it needs to.
This can be, amongst other things, one of the reasons that someone can develop anxiety. Other causes can be through a traumatic event or an overload of stress.

Managing your anxiety

Whatever is the cause for your own anxiety, it is important to know that it can both be managed and the triggers can be a thing of the past through the appropriate work and exposure therapy. I use several techniques to help with anxiety. Exposure therapy being one of them. Exposure therapy is a behaviour therapy that is very effective in the treatment of anxiety and phobias. We would work together to very gently and gradually ensure you are ready to do the things that make you anxious. You would start on a very small scale then progress in time to face fears such as going through a tunnel or if you are socially anxious but would like to be able to live a life with other people around you without feeling the panic rise inside you. This is done at your pace.

What anxiety feels like

Anxiety has been described in many ways by clients. A rising panic, trembling of the body or the heart beating so fast, some feel they are going to have a heart attack. This is very scary for most people. I work to ‘normalise’ these feelings. They are normal for the level of anxiety you are feeling but your anxiety is on a faulty setting. It has become too sensitive to everything around you and we will work to calm your nervous system down and not fear anxiety. Once you know more about your own anxiety, you are better equipped to conquer it.

Do not suffer in silence anymore. Most of my clients wished they had gone to therapy earlier rather than hope it would improve on its own.
It takes courage to come to counselling and deal with your anxiety but the freedom you can gain makes it all worth it!

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