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Whether you have been married to your partner for 25 years or have recently started dating someone new this is a common issue that can arise. Over time spent together you can easily get caught up in the same schedule, similar interests and friend groups. When you start dating someone new, we can see this behaviour of neglecting your own needs and interests to a certain extent, as this new person n your life becomes your primary focus. When starting out a relationship like this it may lead to a co-dependent situation and a loss of sense of self which may not healthy for either party. Therefore, striving to maintain your own sense of self is vital to having a healthy relationship. Losing your sense of self is not exclusive to just romantic relationships either, this can also occur in your relationships with friends and family. Regardless of whether you have just noticed this loss in your sense of self at the start of a relationship or 25 years into one, you still can find yourself in order to save yourself and your relationship. This is something that we can help you with.

 There are many ways of going about rediscovering your independence outside of your relationship. One of the first things that you could have neglected when entering a relationship are your personal interests and hobbies that are different to those of your partner. Dedicating some time whether it be daily, weekly or even monthly for you to focus on those interests will aid you in rebuilding your relationship with yourself. This works both ways for your relationship, it enables both you and your partner to have time to spend apart and focus on your own personal hobbies. Which in return will make your time spent as a couple more valuable. Another element is to not shy away from speaking your truth about matters that mean a lot to you. It is quite common to find that those in co-dependent relationships have people pleasing tendencies. This can be harmful for both individuals, as they are suppressing their true feelings. Although it may not seem like it, avoiding people pleasing tendencies will make for a happier relationship with clear communication.

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