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Shock quickly followed by anger is what most of my clients describe their emotional state as being after discovering that their partner has had an affair. Disbelief. At a loss. Numb…

What do you do after you discover that your partner has broken the trust in your relationship?

All is not lost. I offer 2 hour intensive sessions when emotions are running high between a couple or at a time of crisis. This allows you both to be heard and to start looking at how the affair came about and whether you both wish to try to move forward in the Relationship. To be able to move forward, there will need to be rebuilding of trust and reparatory work. This would mean looking at your relationship as a whole, not just the affair. We would do this to ensure you both had a better awareness of each other’s needs in your marriage. We would also look at your life in general, the stresses, the demands on you as an individual and your own self care.

These are all key factors when working with couple who have been affected by infidelity.

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